Hawke Ventures Case Study


The goal of the Hawke Ventures case study was to develop a venture capital scout program that would increase accessibility to the venture capital world for underrepresented professionals. The challenge was to achieve this with a $0 marketing budget while also creating a community for the venture firm.


To achieve this goal, an educational curriculum was built based on the project lead's own venture training and various business school classes. The curriculum was designed in collaboration with a team. As a result of the program, 9 students were able to secure venture-related jobs worth a total of $750,000.

In addition to the student success, the venture capital firm also benefited from the scout program. They were able to hire an associate in-house and invested $100,000 in a deal that was scouted by one of the students. The program also helped the firm cultivate a super-network of 50 new supporters. Their LinkedIn posts reached at least 100,000 impressions, further expanding their reach and influence.

Transferable Skills

To learn more about the transferable skills gained from this case study, please click here.

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